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We are a community passionate about "being in our bodies"—especially those of us over age 40!—as women from racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds.

We believe the practice of Pilates is a fitness method with principles that effectively create Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Flow and Breathing—bridging the mind and body, linking breath with movement. 


The application of these principles facilitates lengthening and strengthening of all body muscles, promotes spinal support and alignment, and fosters 
life-giving breathing.  


We believe that everyone is deserving of the vast and varied benefits of Pilates! Join us!


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Meet Princess

Princess began her Pilates journey in Chicago in 2002 with her first instructor Tabatha Koylass of TabPilates and Bodyworks. She immediately appreciated the enjoyment and benefits of Pilates through her own practice. In Fall 2018, she began the Vitality Pilates Teacher Training Program in Seattle. Her vision is to provide the practice of Pilates accessibly in community with people from racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds. Prior to her Pilates Teacher Training, Princess had close to 20 years of EEO, Diversity and Inclusion experience in legal and corporate environments including Walgreens, Starbucks and Seattle Children’s Hospital. She currently serves people and places through Ayers-Stewart Group—Pontem Works, Pontem Pilates, and Pontem Hospitality.


Princess is a native of Chicago, has family roots in New Orleans and is enjoying her Seattle adventure.She currently resides in West Seattle with her husband Barnett Joseph Stewart. They have two children, Britt age 30 who resides in Los Angeles and Andre age 23, residing in Chicago. 



Would love to connect with you around ideas for partnership, individual or group instruction, special events + parties, and more!

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"Pontem"is the Latin word for "bridge." 
Pilates bridges body and mind with movements and breathing that build strength. The vision of Pontem Pilates is to also create a bridge between Pilates practice and opportunity for true community connection around health and wholeness!